Relationship One to Many

Create relationship "Has Many"


The "One-to-Many" relationship enables to add a tab reprensenting instances of another entity ( that exists or not ) in order to create a link between them.It is thus possible to create instances of the target entity that is linked to the primary entity.

If the target entity doesn't already exist, it is considered as a sub-entity.A sub-entity is not displayed in the left menu but has the same functionalities as a standard entity ( creation form, update form, list, delete button ).


entity SourceEntity has many TargetEntity ( called NameOfTab)


entity Team has many Player

entity Car has many Wheel called Wheels


entité EntitéSource a plusieurs EntitéCible ( appelé NomOnglet )

entité EntitéSource possède plusieurs EntitéCible ( appelé NomOnglet )


entité Equipe a plusieurs Joueur

entité Voiture possède plusieurs Roue appelé Roues

Delete relationship "Has Many"